Hello and welcome to The Print Shop. The Print Shop was created for shoppers such as yourself to be able to purchase souvenirs of their shopping experience at The Mall of the Internet.

How it works is a simple two step process:

  1. You select what you want and order it online thru our store (at a very reasonable rate). Be sure to pick the color and size from the drop downs.

  2. We print and ship it to you.

There’s no hassle having to wait for it to come in and then having to go back to the store to go get it, but of course you get that which is why you are shopping online in the first place.

Not all shops in the mall offer this purchasing experience.

All stores in the mall that agree to have us reproduce their logo do so at a very low rate and agree to pass the savings on to you. For instance The Mall’s own store is selling everything for about a dollar above what we charge them – talk about a huge savings for you!


Although we start on your order right away, quality takes time. We do our very best to be certain you get quality products when ordering from us so we take the time to check and then double check your order (and if needed remake the order) before shipping it. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for delivery.

Thanks for shopping The Print Shop and the mall too!